Essential Checklist, 31 Things to Check Before Website Launch

Vaishal Patel

31 Things to Check Before Website Launch, Complete Checklist

Well, let’s understand the concept in a simpler manner: So let’s say you have a book to publish next year. Well, do you really think that preparing the entire structure including the write up is just a one day job? Of course not! And well, the same is true for website launch as well! No matter what merchant type you are, but launching a website of your products and services requires lot of patience and tricky tactics to handle the customer requirements and detailed information about the company.

There are many aspects included in website launching mainly: designing, technical issues, marketing as well as content! But for those who face lot of troubles structuring before they really launch their site; how about keeping some pointers in your mind? That way, you will have knowledge of what checklist you need to realize before your site goes live. And some of the major checklist are:

Content of the website:

Website Launch Checklist Content of the website

How will you launch a website without any content on the same! I mean, that’s just foolish! But just typing some letters and words on the site is not a smart move either. The following list of bullets will help you with better designing and outline of the entire site:

1. Layout and typography of the content as per the site

2. Spell check and no grammatical error

3. Make sure content is relevant for the users

4. Delete all dummy and test content from the site for better credibility

5. Always read your content loud and clear before you upload the same on the site

6. Make sure your content is always placed properly including contact us and privacy policy pages

Designing the site:

Website Launch Checklist Designing the site
After your content is ready, you must go further with the website designing now! But just as the work design sound so fancy, the work behind the same is quite challenging. But let me tell you; it might be a tough job, if the designing is executed professionally, it can change the entire layout and impression of the company at a brand new level. In fact, a perfect web designing is a key factor in building better brand value in digital market. Let’s talk about important segments in the same category:

7. Creating a Favicon which is expressive and impressive as it helps in building better credibility

8. It is crucial to introduce a responsive design on your site as it aims on providing optimal experience in viewing the site

9. Don’t forget the images that you are going to attach in your website

10. Don’t forget to introduce defensive design on your site because it helps in keeping a check on the validity of your forms and other fields on the site

Testing the site:

Website Launch Checklist Testing the site
And now, it’s time for testing the site! Let’s see what points need to be remembered at this stage:

11. User testing as it helps in finding issues with usability on the site

12. Testing of the performance helps in understanding the response of the site in terms of how it performs

13. Responsive Testing helps in checking the style of the site which includes headings, images, videos, unordered lists and many more

14. Browser testing helps in analyzing the performance of the site on different browsers and what problems it pursue on each

15. Test the links on the site so that they at least don’t go error 404!

16. Before you go on the final procedure, always test your site on mobiles as well as websites are often scanned on mobiles phones than other systems

17. And yes, don’t forget to test the speed of your site as it helps in increasing the credibility of your site

Marketing of the website:

Website Launch Checklist Marketing of the website
What’s the point of building a website when do nnot really market the same! It is vital to perform marketing tactics and analysis for your site in order to attract more target audience and users on your platform. Let’s talk about few bullet points to be considered on this platform:

18. Marketing your launch date will help in attracting more users and hits on the first day itself

19. Make sure that all the forms on your site are working as it helps in bringing users closer to the understanding of the services

20. SEO is most important factor in marketing. When you have so keywords included in your content, how will your website be realized on the first page of search engine?

21. Don’t forget blogging! Blogging of the site helps in generating more users on the site which is a successful manner to realize digital marketing!

Technical grip

Website Launch Checklist Technical grip
There are many technical issues that must be handled on regular basis for better performance and credibility measure on the digital platform. Some of the most important features in the same basket are:

22. Validating the code

23. Redirecting of the web page

24. Delivery of transaction Email

25. Monitoring Setup

26. Backing up the site

27. RSS links

Tracking the site

Website Launch Checklist Tracking the site

Last but definitely not the least is how you track your site performance! There are many segments that help in successful tracking for a successful write up to be realized on the digital platform through a website. Some of them are:

28. When you install tools like web analytics, it helps inn analyzing the performance of the website

29. Well, if you are okay on spending money on your website launch, then make sure you have A/B testing as one of the important tracking features in your basket

30. You can finally track what users are actually doing on your site through heatmap testing

31. Always keep in touch with Google through Google search console that they will help you with information regarding what users are commonly searching for these days!

SO now, when you have an idea of how to launch the website with all steps to be performed in structure, just launch the best quality you can! Because credibility and authenticity of the site is judged by every feature which is mentioned on this particular page! So before you launch the date of your site, make sure you are ready with every package ready in your basket to shoot on regular basis once the launch is realized!


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