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Vaishal Patel

How to Advertise on Google to Get More Customers

Google shows advertisements which appear in the search results page. Google Ads earlier known as Google AdWords, is an effective way to reach potential customers and set up an online revenue stream. Google earned 28.6 B US from search advertisements, it’s 78% of total revenue and very soon it reaches 80%. (Reported by emarketer.com) Which means thousands and thousands of businesses so far taking advantage of Google Ads.

Below is an example of a Google search engine results page (SERP). There are three sections. At the top, Yellow highlighted section is Google ads (paid advertisement), then below is purple highlighted section is Google my business (free advertisement), and the last blue highlighted section is organic results.


google ads position in SERP

What generally people do when they are planning to purchase something? Well, they research for that services, product or solution on Google. First of all, they gather all the information about the product and after that, they will search for providers who offer that product. It means, if your website is not visible on top of Google search, you lost the opportunities.
By reading this post, you will come to know how to improve your rankings on Google and acquire more customers..

About Google Ads


The Ads usually become visible at the very top of a SERP or to the bottom, and it appears like organic results. Currently, Google put a tiny green ‘Ad’ label on them.


Google advertising format

Because so many entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of time, Google offers a simple and easy solution for them is Ad Words Express (part of google ads). Businesses need to provide some basic information and Google creates their ad.
Most importantly it does not require a website to start the campaign.

The Benefits of Advertising on Google


    • Google ads work faster than organic

The first and greatest benefit of Google ads is that it works a lot quicker than SEO. Both of SEO and Google ads are search engine marketing techniques to get more traffic and leads. However, a well optimized PPC campaign can perform considerably faster for the business to get the 1st position in search.

Here are a few good reasons to look at.

      1. Immediate visibility on SERP.
      2. Target multiple keywords at a time.
      3. By passing the conditions, you can turn the campaign on and off or play and pause anytime you want.

Obviously, this does not indicate that you simply forget organic traffic, because they have further long-term benefits. But with Google ads, there is usually a better opportunity of driving more visitors and leads instantly. On top of that, the Google ads is more transparent, and further you understand everything that is happening with the ads.

    • Google analytics campaign tracking facility

Google Ads and Google Analytics are the two most important tools for your website marketing efforts. Each can provide amazing information available and lets you to really get your hands dirty in statistics. Additionally, both tools also developed by Google, that means they are able to sync with each other flawlessly.

Google Ads conversion tracking shows you how your visitors interacting with the ads. If your visitors go through the funnel according to as you have set your values, the action is recognized as a conversion.

Set up a goal conversion for your campaign is necessary because it shows you if your campaigns are performing well or it’s wasting your advertising budget.

      1. Track down which campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, keywords are cost-effective regarding getting conversions.
      2. Helps to analysis your ad campaigns based on demographic targeting reports, query report, run experiments, and so many other facts.
      3. Furthermore, it gives you ideas to optimize your ads for boosting ROI.

After configuring conversion tracking on your website, you can easily know the behavior of a visitor’s on your website. For example, inquiry form submissions, blog subscribers, product purchases and more.

    • Target ads to geographic locations

Take a look at in the image below, the option for using zip codes in locations and languages inside the Google ads settings. You can insert approximately a thousand zip codes at once.

Google ads zip code targeting

    • Local Search Ads in a Google Maps

Users around the world use Google Maps to explore the places & find ways to reach their locations. In reality, Google Maps has more than one billion active users worldwide.

Local Search Ads are a part of Google ad format and featured your business location when a user searches on Google and Google Maps.

Snapshot of Google.Com Expanded Map:

advertise on google maps Google.Com Expanded Map view


snapshot of Google Maps Mobile App:


advertise on google maps Mobile App view


And Here’s a snapshot of The Google Maps Desktop:


advertise on google maps Google Maps Desktop view

It is necessary to enable search partner preferences in setting only then it will display ads in Google Maps as a feature ad with a pin.

    • Advance level of bid adjustment

The time you set up a campaign in Google Ads, you will find that there are many different bid controlling options. All these different options generally help you to customize a bidding strategy according to target audiences. It uses for better targeting of segments based on their probability of converting. As a result, it does not require to create separate ads groups for various segments and enabling them to controlled easily within the same campaign.

And Here’s a snapshot of The Google Maps Desktop:

Google ads bid adjustments

    • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) helps you to reach website visitors who visited your website previously and now target with search network text ads. Because it’s the latest or most advanced targeting method, It will help you to get additional leads and sales from website visitors who usually visited, but have not opt-in or hit the goal.

Imagine …

Increase bids to get warmer prospects from a search engine — Users who had not only gone through your website previously but currently researching on the same topic.

Display ads only to the people who already visited specific pages and after that looking for specific keywords. As a result, you can save money by avoiding the audience which less likely to convert.


  • Google ad suggestions

    Last year Google made a big change in regards to Ad copy. At the beginning of April 2018 Google present the new feature “ad suggestions.”

    Machine learning actually makes it possible to get recommendations. Google evaluates your ads performance and identifies the best from all. After that, it produces different ads variations for you to try.

How to Get Estimated Google Advertising Cost


Open your Google Ads account in your browser, Explore tools icon in the top navigation. Go to the planning section and click keyword planner. Once you get there, you have many ways to generate keyword ideas for your next campaign or certainly to know how much campaign will likely cost you.

Google ads keywords suggestion


As outlined in the several parts of the keywords section above, the Keyword Planner is able to predict keywords search volume. Also, the Keyword Planner can provide good data such as how many clicks are available. In this image, the ad group could deliver more than 38k clicks spend upon $93k to drive the sales.


get estimated google advertising cost by keywords forecasting


Quick setup process to draft your campaigning in eight easy steps

Step 1 — Choose a payment method, and activate the account.
Step 2 — Choose your campaign type and name according.
Step 3 —In campaign setting, Select the countries, cities or areas where you would like ads to show.
Step 5 —In campaign setting, Select “bid strategy according to your goal” and set your daily budget.
Step 6 —Create an ad group, and write at least two ads per group.
Step 7 —In the group level, Add your keywords inside the keyword field.
Step 8 —Define your maximum cost-per-click against the keyword.

So, You have gone through the process and understood the importance of advertising on Google ads. In a minute I’ll help you to explain Google my local which two free promotion area on search engine result page.

How to add my business to google maps! (Google My Business)


Unlike the google ads, Google My Business (GMB) is actually a free service that allows you to manage how your business listing visible on Google Search and Maps. Which includes using your business name, working hours, phone number and address track and responding to customer reviews. Additionally, you can add building & shop photos, and get to know where and how customers are looking for you.

In case you just growing with local SEO & citations, Google My Business is the right services to consider in early efforts. In fact, when customers Google for a service or product nearby, they are generally decided to buy– People who do a local search (think “restaurant near me”) eat out food that day. Therefore it’s very important to show your business information when people search Google is as accurate and in detailed.


  • Old GML claim
  1. First of all, before applying for Google My Business listing check in the Google search to make sure your company should not be listed in GMB.
  2. In case your running company around for a while, it’s most likely to already have GMB listing and you simply require to claim it.
  3. follow these steps to claim your GML.
  • What thing you need to register
  1. Google account.
  2. Shop or office address and phone number
  3. An address to verify your address Verifiable address (Google send a postcard to your address and make sure that it’s your address)
  4. Office or building images, Organisation logo and descriptions, office timing, etc.
  • Setup & optimize the process in short

Here is step by step process from creating your Google My Business account, verify your business listing and optimizes as possible, read on.



Finally, we come to the conclusion that in the age of digital marketing, Google ads has come forth as a great advertising platform.
Google ads not only provides super fast and measurable outcomes. Additionally, it brings consistency of quality leads.
Google Ads worked well with SME and provide an opportunity for business owners to spread awareness of their business. 

On the other hand, Adding and managing your Google My Business listing truly a smart way to attract new users when they are looking for your company or for related companies like yours.
It’s a 100 % free service. With just a small investment of your time, you are able to do free advertise and attract customers.


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