How do I Add a Business to Google Maps

About Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free business listing option that helps small businesses to set up and manage their Google business profile. It usually appears when consumers find nearby businesses. They can see some useful details in your business profile such as your shop or office address, contact number, photos & videos, working hours, website and reviews. These details are provided by various Google properties, which include Google search engine & Google maps.

Google my business search view

Below are the steps to add and verify your business on Google My business.

In most cases, Google already has your business information, and you need to claim that business listing. Before you start the process, you have to sign up with a Google account. Mostly, people already have a google account. If so, log in to your account and proceed further. If you could not find your business in Google search, Follow the instructions.

Step 1: Login and Search Your Business Name.

add a business to google maps

Visit, GMB Page and login into the account, and start typing your business name in the given fields.

If you just started a business, it will not show in the drop-down menu. Proceed and hit the “Next” button.

Google will ask some questions to authorize the information.

Or, If you find your business in the drop-down menu, click here to know how to Claim your business on Google.

Step 2: Add your business Location information.

add street address to google maps

Add your company location details.

(Tips: Proper given information prevents you from uncertain de-listing.)

If you have multiple business locations, you can add those once your business is verified.

Step 3: Add your services area or postal codes.

Add postal code and cities into Google my business

If you serve your services to more than one area, you should add those areas or postal codes for better visibility.

As I mentioned before, keep in mind that the more accurate and precise data Google has about your business, it will show your business profile more accurately at the right location.

Step 4:  Select categories.

Add categories to Google my business

Categories are furthermore important when you are trying to get ranked for keywords in Google.

Selecting the most appropriate categories will definitely improve your rank in Google Maps.

Tips: Don’t search for generic categories, use different keywords to find the appropriate one. For your information (Google has outlined 2,395 types of business groups as “categories” for local businesses, and Google updates this list frequently.)

Step 5: Add contact number and website.

Add phone number and website to add a business to google maps

Add your phone number and website which will appear publicly on your business profile.

Step 6: Verify Google my business.

verify google my business
 verify google my business through phone
verify google my business through phone

In general, the business listing gets verified through the mail.

As you can see, Google will mail the postcard with the verification code.

Once you received the postcard, Visit Google My Business and log into your account.

In case you have listed more than one business location, choose the location for which you received the verification code.

If listed only one, select it and click to “Verify now”. In the verification code field, type the five-digit verification code you received and hit the “Submit” button. 

Google allows phone verification for some businesses by their location.

If Google allows, you will find the “Verify by phone” option during the submission process.
You will get the verification call and you just need to listen to automated greetings and verification code.

Later, you need to type that into the “Enter code” field and hit the verify button.

Step 7: Update relevant information.

google my business profile edit option

Once you verified Google My Business listing, your business start appearing on Google search and Maps, still you can optimize your business profile in several ways, for example, upload images.

You may upload your office or shop pictures, product images, and nearby photos.

GMB has so many other features and optimization options according to your needs.
You can edit the information which will appear on knowledge panel, such as Working hours, website link, menu (If you are in the restaurant business), and book an appointment.

Claim your business on Google

claim business on google my business

The business listing is already verified.

Now, First of all, you should inquire about within your office. It’s fair chances that it was created by previous employees. However, if you want to add this business listing to your Google account, you should request to get access from the user who owns it.

Or, view Request ownership of a business listing.

1) You need to check the option where it says “share your info with the current owner to continue”.
2) How would you like to get access?
If the email (current ownership) is not from your organization, you can simply ask for ownership.
If the email is from your organization, it’s up to your choice how you would like to get access.
3) Choose the relation to the business according to your position.
4) Also, mention the phone number when you apply.

If the current owner ignores the request and will not respond in 7 days, you can contact GMB support after 7day.

Tips: It’s recommended to claim your business listing from the same Google account in which Google webmaster and google analytics has configured.

The business listing will automatically transfer after week because of the Google account is has a connection and already verified the ownership.

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